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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  July 27, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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i heard the girl screaming help and i looked over and fly off. >> eyewitnesses describe terrifying scene at ohio state fair when riders are thrown from an amusement ride. this morning one person is dead, several others are critically hurt, we are live with the latest developments into what went wrong. new this morning justin beiber hits a photographer with his pickup truck, and we will update victim's condition and possibility of charges being filed against the pop star. police are investigating a shooting, we will tell you why the victim was arrested and discovery authorities made at the crime scene. it is thursday, july 27th, good morning, i'm jim donovan.
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i'm rahel solomon. meisha's off, katie's here, pat is keeping an eye on the road. >> things are looking good on the roadways, so get out there and start your day. >> i like it. >> good point. >> yes. >> keep it that way. >> stick with us for a little while, we'd love to have you along for the ride. all and all today is not looking too bad. it will be warmer. we will still see sunshine but we have to watch for a shower or thunderstorm primarily p.m. time frame. here's a live look from a different side of our building here in the spring garden section of the city broad and spring garden, pat's right, all of one single car driving through here so we have space to your selves if you want to head outside on the roadway but at the moment clearly you still have darkness over spreading the region no light of day and that sun continues to come up later and later with every passing day and setting earlier, we have until 5:55 before we will see sunrise but we will get light
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of day over next half an hour. storm scan is basically all clear say for the fact that we have a veil of cloud cover rolling through but it is still quite comfortable across the region as a whole. current temperatures are in the upper 60's, my clicker still trying to wake up too, i think. do you see this? i need to step out and head over here if that is okay. there we go, do you see. you have to put the wrath of god in the clicker if it will work on you. seventy-one in wilmington. sixty-seven in allentown and philadelphia just a very quick check starting to step on pat 's time here 85 in philadelphia and lower 80's at the shore and spotty shower or storm. >> technology. >> yes. >> don't you love it. >> yes, this is the schuylkill expressway eastbound, this should be pick up in time, this is between gulph mills and belmont construction right there so in the next half an hour or so this should be cleared out of the way. vine cleared, they have just reopened on ramp from the
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schuylkill eastbound on the vine street expressway, everything is looking good here in this area but there is construction to tell but on the pennsylvania turnpike we have got northeast extension north bound before lansdale and right lane is close there had and then further south we will go, we have got pennsylvania turnpike eastbound between route 29 and valley forge right lane there and westbound between norristown and route 29, two right lanes there, one more to tell but pennsylvania turnpike bus think morning, turnpike eastbound between willow grove and neshaminy falls, two right lanes there are closed but as the morning progresses this should be cleared out and within more thing to tell but delaware, actually two, that is 295 at i-95 and then i-95 north between service area and 273 left lanes closed there, jim, back over to you. tragedy strikes on the opening day of the ohio state fair, at lee one person dead, several more are injured, after an amusement ride, malfunctions. >> cbs news correspondent brooks silver brag has latest now. >> reporter: cell phone video
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shows moment a ride malfunctions at ohio state fair, seemingly crashing into something on the ground, and then throwing part of the ride and people in it through the air. >> i heard a girl screaming help and i looked over and seen it fly off and then go right to the ground. >> fare is about one of the best things in life and then tonight with this accident it becomes a terrible, terrible tragedy. >> it happened aboard a ride called fireball, on opening day of the fare. >> this was a great force and a great mechanism really consistent with a high speed motor vehicle crash with an ejection something more of those lines. >> reporter: inspectors from the ohio department of agriculture insist the ride was thoroughly looked over three or four times before it was opened, even once by a third party. they are still trying to figure out what may have been missed. >> there is no guarantee, obviously mechanical, or
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structural damage to be done where you cannot see it, and metal fatigue. there is different things that are not visual to the human eye. >> governor kasich says he has ordered a full investigation and called for all rides at the fare to close until a new round of inspections can be completed. brooks silva-braga for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". out west and new this morning police are investigating after justin beiber's pickup truck apparently accidentally hit a paparazzi. this happened last night as singer was leaving a church event in beverly hills. video shows him staying with the man hit and offering assistance. his photographer suffered a leg injury but is expect to be okay. just this week beiber made headlines after canceling rest of his worldwide tour due to unforeseen circumstances. police are trying to piece together a shooting in nicetown, officers arrived on the 2,000 block of dennie street shortly after 11:30 last night where they found two men, one shot in the back. he is hospitalized in stable
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condition both victim and his friend were arrested on gun charges after police found two guns, one of which we were told is a military style weapon. this morning scandal rocks two pennsylvania cities, mayor of allentown ed pawlowski and former mayor of reading vaughn spencer are indicted on federal corruption charges. how pawlowski and spencer charged with bribery, fraud and many other charges. both are accused of dulling out city contracts to those willing to support their campaigns. >> pawlowski and spencer essentially put a for sale sign up in front of the city hall in reading and allentown to sell their office and services to the highest bidder >> i have done nothing wrong nor have i ever personally accepted a dime beyond my salary as mayor. i have also never accepted anything from the legal campaign contributions. >> now officials say indictments follow a four year investigation, others with ties to the two men were also
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indicted. the man captured on video earlier this week attacking a septa transit police sergeant is in cuss toyed. he turned himself in last night. sergeant's body camera shows her confronting the suspect near 58th and baltimore on monday, for reportedly trespassing on the train track he can be seen shoving her to the ground, and that sergeant, suffered a back injury as a result and she's recovering at home, the suspect has not been charged just yet. it could be up to 40 years in prison foreman police say made a deadly deliver toy a hospital patient in montgomery county. travis suita was charged with drug delivery resulting in death in east norriton yesterday. police say suita made five trips in five days to sianni sell illegal drugs to sierra hadrick. she was receiving none in life threatening treatment at einstein medical center, investigators say it wasn't heroin that killed her but something much worse. >> suita delivered what we later learned was pure fentanyl, 40 to 50 times more deadly then the deadly drug
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heroin and by delivering this poison, travis suita killed sierra. >> police say suita is fourth person charged in montgomery county for providing a deadly dose of drugs just this year. republican senate leaders are working to pass a so-called skinny repeal of obama care, leadership failed to repeal obama care twice since tuesday their skinny bill proposed yesterday would remove obama care's individual mandates and get rid of the employer mandates and medical device tax. bipartisan group of 10 governors immediately responded by asking the senate not to let the skinny repeal pass. meanwhile, president trump says electronic giants foxx conn will build a $10 billion factory in wisconsin. pennsylvania was vying for the plant as well. factory will make flat screen displays for television and computer screens and expected to bring 3,000 jobs over four years, wisconsin, of course was a key state for president trump's election victory in
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november. well, coming up next a fisherman says a killer whale attack his boat and he has video to prove it, we will show it to you. new this morning fire fighters in montgomery county are at the scene of the deadly house fire we will have a live report. plus we're hearing from the man in this video who narrowly escaped being hit by a car that drove in the store we will tell you what the driver did that sent this vehicle out of control. fox conn.
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back on "eyewitness news" with cell phone video showing fisherman's wild encounter with a orca off the coast of a last contact victor little field said he was out fishing when killer whale wrapped itself in the boat's anchor line and yanked. it ran and slapped the boat with the tail. orca swam off and littlefield was not hurt. experts say such attacks are very rare. i was than the on that boat. >> that is right. well, man in callus lucky to be alive after a car crashes into a store, and just misses him. look at this. >> this happened at an electronic cigarette store near los angeles, traumatic video shows man running to safety right as car smashes in the stores front window. driver has swerved to avoid an on coming car, man in the shop says he heard screeching and then saw a car flying toward
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him. >> i heard screeching and saw car flying towards the store and about maybe he will stop inside in time but once he was airborne there is no way, he is stopping i need to move immediately. >> police say drugs or alcohol were not a factor in the crash but both driver and man in the store are okay. >> you hear airborne in the car that is not a two word that shouldn't go together. >> lucky. >> overseas now they have been forced to flee their home as fire fires scorched the land. >> now officials say they have about 1500 fire fighters, working to get control of two major forest fires in the area media reported at lee 10 have been evacuated so far. i do believe this is the same fire that just yesterday, we sent 5,000 fire fighters, and jim, i used to live in colorado there were a lot of wild fires there but i cannot picture 5,000 fire fighters responding to the scene. fit is 1500 that means, going
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down a little bit. >> hopefully. >> and, rain and, short it looks like the storm may goat here later and hang out a little bit longer then we really wanted to. it would lead us in the upcoming weekend. starting things off here with a look at storm scan three which at the moment is still for the most part still quiet locally. there is more cloud but we are talking way off to the north. only wet weather throughout the course of the day will be p.m. time frame, a shower or thunderstorm locally gusty, but for the most party in severe weather chances are dampened because of the fact we have more cloud expectations throughout the day and need sunshine which sounds backward but you need sunshine to heat it up and get
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instability going and that will get thunderstorms dicey. we don't have that possibility in fully affect here today there could be a gusty storm but that would be definitely very isolated. and it would be just that in nature. now, ahead of the rain currently falling back toward central missouri this is area of low pressure heading our way into tomorrow but as guidance continues to unfold, i think things will shift a little bit more so in timing and placement of the storm, but severe weather threat is still with us but we're talking marginal risk on friday and it looks like really nasty storms are likely at night further off to the south. we're talking kent county, sussex county if you have plans to hit up rehoboth area, dewey beach area, as you travel down that way you may run into stormy weather late in the day friday. a lot of us getting weekend started. make sure you are wet's wear. outside palmyra cove liberty park it feels like the fall
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season and it does when you walk outside, it is quite comfortable. a lot of cloud over center city sky line and we are going to see sunshine out there but once more that isolated shower or thunderstorm still in the card. later tonight we will drop down to 72. warm front lifting in. that is why it is still so mild overnight but then lets walk through this day by day. so tomorrow mainly p.m. hours that the rain comes in full spades and brings in that soaking variety of rain and storms throughout the second half of the day. it could linger not just saturday morning but possibly rest of the day, possibly showers on sunday and monday as well, pat so again, this system, it is just sitting and spinning potentially, but again, we need to give it time to get evolved and better idea how it shakes out tomorrow. >> heading down the shore this weekend, it is looking rough. you are killing me, katie. sorry, i'm not blaming you. new jersey, 42 freeway heading toward philadelphia you can see levels starting to
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build up heading toward 295 and as we head toward 5:30 it will ramp up in this area schuylkill at blue route kind of blurry here right in this area is where they have torn up the roadway. so you will in the slow down the schuylkill because you're between gulph mills and bell machines people are going fast in this area but take note that the road is torn up in this vicinity. an accident to tell but here this one here in glenside, garfield avenue at jenkintown road take limekiln pike as an alternate there moving up to the north this one has just cleared, valley forge road near allentown road that is out of here so that is a good thing. northeast extension has construction north bound before lansdale right lane is block there this should be out soon and one more thing, two things to tell but pennsylvania turnpikee and westbound out near valley forge there is a bunch of construction on the pennsylvania turnpike. rahel and jim, back over to
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you. a man experiencing mental health issues, led police standoff in uwchlan yesterday. incident began just after 8:00 d when man called police to say his wife was being held against her will by two armed intruders. several hours later it was determined there were no intruders in that home. trentonian new jersey department of environmental protection has found numerous safe drinking water violations that prompted a boil advisory last month in trenton. agency says it has uncovered technical managerial and operational deficiencies within the trenton waterworks, water treatment and distribution systems that need to be addressed. from the bucks county courier times things are heating up in the hampton, annual food drive competition among northampton, lower southampton and upper southampton is nearing its end , each of the towns involved are set on best continuing the others and collecting the most donations for their respective food pant triess inn and i know those
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levels go down and that is a good thing. that is a look at newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. well, up next in sports phillies trade away their only star pat gallen will put on his sports hat and will be here with the details. big win for team u.s.a. we have highlights from the gold cup finals next in sports
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welcome back. we're glad you are with us. >> pat's doing double duty to day. lots of stuff going on in the sports world as well as traffic. >> no doubt, eagles training camp still going strong, camp
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continues today, bird made two moves yesterday traded left guard allen bash tore denver for conditional 2019 draft pick and they cut first round disappointment marcus smith. he had only four sackness three seasons. veterans arrived at training camp yesterday, today is the first day of full squad work outs. team is looking for a fresh start after last years disappointing seven-nine record. lots of optimism going in the season. brandon graham is focusing on team chemistry. >> we have to work hard as a group and trust one another, that is the biggest thing, the biggest thing is making sure we gain that trust because we have new faces and we have to get and bring them up to speed with how we do it in philadelphia i think once we get past that we will have a really good season. >> united states is bringing home gold as in soccer's gold cup. jordan morris scored game winner in the eighty-eighth mina begins jamaica in saint a claire a california.
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morris won ncaa soccer title withstand forward, mls cup with his hometown seattle sounders and now gold cup, it is sixth gold cup for united states and teams first since 2013. phillies manager pete mackanin left odubel herrera out of the last night's starting line up but insists it has nothing to do with lack of hustle. nevertheless phillies in action trying to avoid a sweep against houston astros. fourth inning phillies get on the board, that is cameron rupp, with a two run shot, and rupp home run twice. big night, he has that thing with minister again's pier he was telling bus that. in the fifth miguel franco goes yard, two run shot to left. phillies go long ball, they are up five to nothing. offense was overshadowed by aaron nola so good he went six innings, and only giving up four hits and he struck out 10 astros. they are the best team in the american league. so phillies, shut them down. they win nine to nothing,
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braves will come to town, for a weekend series. after the game phillies traded reliefer pat meshack and cash to the colorado rockies in exchange phillies get a minor league short stop and two minor league pitchers. trade deadline is 4:00 p.m. on monday, meshack as you will recall was phillies only all-star. phillies players aren't only won making great catches, tv announcer tom mccarthey using a giant butterfly net, nice to carroll that hot dog shot in the stands in last night's game. phillies broadcasters were calling the field from the outdoor stand at citizens bank park last night. that that is cheating. there could be soon another icon for smoking joe frazier, new petition calls for renaming glenwood avenue in north philadelphia, joe frazier boulevard. so far, organizers say that the petition started by frazier's daughter frazier collins, and it has, nearly
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6,000 signatures. frazier died of complication from his liver cancer in 2011. what do you think. >> good idea, right. >> pat, i read something once he has only who two boxers in his career, foreman and ali, if that is true. >> i'm pretty sure that is true. >> incredible boxer. >> well deserved. >> well, coming up in the next half an hour of "eyewitness news" how nasa is recycling a piece of old equipment to make way for future. find out about apple's hearing implant made for the i phone. we are live at the site of the deadly fire in glenside, montgomery county fire chief has given an update we will have it coming up next. plus see more of this video shot by inmates showing their escape from prison, we will have it for you and we will be right
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good morning i'm rahel solomon. aim jim donovan. katie and pat will be along but here's what you need to know to start dare in the morning minute, thursday, july . a fast moving fire leaves one person dead in montgomery county. >> an adult male on the floor in the living room.
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>> tragedy at ohio state fare a ride malfunctions killing at lee one person and leaving several others injured. >> justin beiber making headlines overnight video shows him run over a member of the paparazzi with his truck, as pop star stayed by his side and photographer will be okay. i have done nothing wrong. >> allentown's mayor says he has in plans to resign after he has been indicted on federal corruption charges. game of thrones is back and people spoiling those plot twists before you have had a chance to watch it. >> i had no idea he could even do thaty haven't seen it yet. >> but not in the more, introducing game of thrones spoil proof bucket simply place device on your head and let sound proof bucket block out the noise. >> a lot of work places could use one of


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